Operating since 1976 to create the perfect tailor-made suite

His Story

Mario Sciales, was born in Naples in 1944. He made his entrance into the tailor's world at ten years of age when he became an apprentice at Angelo Blasi's tailor's shop and started learning the art of creating tailor-made suits. In the 1960s, he moved to Florence to become a close collaborator of Michele Marinaro, owner of the "Sartoria Marinaro" created in 1937 to satisfy the needs of ever-elegant Florentine nobility. In the 1970s, when Marinaro passed away, Mario took over the company ownership, while continuing with the same professionality and passion to look after his quality clients who had always come to the Sartoria. In the mid-1990s, Mario was introduced into the prestigious New York city environment by a Florentine client. Since then, he has travelled to Manhattan periodically to follow his local clients there, some of whom are bankers and wealthy businessmen. Seventy years have passed by since the "Sartoria Marinaro" was founded, but the mastery in the cutting, the attention to fine detail and the tradition in creating each garment keep the sartoria up-to-date while maintaining the spirit of a small local workshop.